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Try to block those categories which are completely irrelevant to the content or niche of your blog.Suppose blog is about Technology then block the ad categories for Dating, Politics, Religion etc. Platform Your blogs are read from different platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile etc.Image ads are usually less preferred for both reasons less CTR and lower CPC.Though at times, depending upon the niche and blog type, image ads perform better in terms of higher CTR but CPC won’t be as good as text ads.Country One of the most important factor that can increase CPC is the country you are targeting.For example a click on an ad from USA can pay you up to to and click on same ad from India can end up paying only 20 to 30 cents.

Cost Per Click or CPC of an ad directly depends upon the topic on which you’re writing your blog. Let me clarify one thing here that you’re going to choose niche however there are niches that can pay you high CPC. Here is the list of niches that can give you high return, I have arranged them in decreasing order of CPC.Anyways, as I mentioned above it differs from niche type and most important ad placement. Place 2 ads inside your blog post and 1 outside the post.Placement Never neglect the placement of your ads on the web page as it is directly proportional to your Adsense revenue. As far as placing inside goes then place one 336 X 280 rectangle ad on the top of the blog just below the title and place second 468 X 60 ad in between the blog post.If you are a Blogger and Adsense is your prime source of revenue, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of Adsense optimization.When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things, but the main target is to get high e CPM and get more Cost per click.

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